Sales Runner
Our iPad app which changes the way developers track downloads of their apps on the App Store

Sales Runner features in 7 points

#1 / Elegant and immersive user interface
  • Powerful and easy-to-use companion for iOS developers
  • Visualize and analyze sales of your apps in beautiful graphs and use intuitive gestures to quickly dive into data
#2 / Tap to get details
  • Tap or pan on the graph to get detailed statistics about a particular week
#3 / Pinch to zoom in and out
  • Pinch on the graph to zoom in and out on a particular week
#4 / Double tap to zoom using smart focus
  • Double tap on the graph to zoom in using a smart zoom level, or to zoom out to back to all weeks
#5 / Tap to configure your graph
  • Button to change current app
  • Button to change date range: without any limit!
  • Button to change statistics type: installs, updates or installs+updates
  • Button to change settings
#6 / Import your report files and run
  • You can try the app with provided demo report files. Then, easily import your iTunes Connect “Sales & Trends” weekly sales report files by emailing to yourself a zip file containing the .txt files
  • Therefore your iTunes Connect account is kept safe: you do not have to use your login and password
  • When imported, report files are stored on the device: you can use the app everywhere, even offline
  • Sales Runner supports multiple accounts: you can import report files coming from different iTunes Connect accounts
#7 / Made by developers, for developers
  • Optimized for iPad, iPad 2 and iPad 3
  • No advertising on the application
  • No need to create any account: install it and enjoy

Next features

Sales Runner has a long road to build with you: please tell us your ideas, or which features you want first among the following:

We would love to hear from you!

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We also work hard to keep Sales Runner up to date with report file changes: if you face report file issues, do not hesitate to contact us.

Stay tuned!

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